For every owner of an online business, social media marketing is always a concern. Social media marketing, in a nutshell, involves generating online attention and traffic from social media sources like Facebook and Twitter. Today social media marketing is almost always, the reason behind the success or failure of an online business. This is primarily because it carries 100% higher conversion rate than outbound marketing. This fact is not hidden; over 84% of B2B marketers utilize some form of social media marketing strategy to generate targeted traffic. Whilst this a task any company can carry out on its own, the complexities of this dynamic market require that such a task is outsourced to the best, professional social media marketing agency.

The sad fact is that only a few of these professional agencies are what they say they are. According to a 2016 study conducted by Ecoconsultancy, only about 22% of businesses are content with their conversion rates. The reason why many of these agencies fail to live up to expectations is simply because they often flout one of the rules of social media marketing. Some of the “best” social media management companies simply do not listen. Listening more to the needs of your audience rather than barraging them with your products or service is likely to reduce the cost per lead. The best social media management company would also focus is attention on quality audiences. Having 10,000 customers, who visit your site once, never to return does not add a single value to your site. On the other hand, 1,000 customers who regularly engage with your content would be of greater value to a business.

Lack of insight amongst social media companies is the reason why they often end up developing a jack-of-all-trades social media marketing strategy that is hardly ever as cost effective and successful as a focused strategy. The better strategy is to have your audience know you for one thing than attempting to be all things to your customers. Using the same social media marketing strategy for both B2B and B2C marketing is more than likely to be a disaster. The two use distinct content, social media channels and goals and metrics. Whilst lead generation is the primary goal of B2B campaigns, B2C is more focused on community awareness and engagement.

Online relationships are just as important offline as they are online. Social media and content marketing have a lot to do with building relationships with the audience by sharing and talking about others content, acknowledging online influencers likely to be interested in your product, adding valuable content and being accessible.

Social media marketing is not a part-time task; you cannot just publish content and disappear afterward. If you cannot remain accessible to your audience at all times then you do need a professional to handle the task for you. Melbourne is host to some of the best-rated social media companies in the Australian sub-continent. Many of these Melbourne social media companies have a proven track record of customer satisfaction and high lead conversion ratios – helping to alter the way brands communicate with their prospects and customers.