Due to the unexpected demands of new industries that have arisen in Malaysia, therefore the employers need a lot of foreign workers to meet the demand. These foreign workers are usually employed in jobs that are dangerous, challenging, and dirty.

Malaysia locals are not willing to work under this condition. Therefore, you need foreign workers to work hard for you, and you have to concern about what they need in Malaysia.

Have you imagined if your company has many foreign workers and you have to think about how to take care of their needs? It would help if you had foreign worker insurance to cover repatriation expenses when your foreign workers are required by the authorities to be sent back to their original country.

Here are the other insurance plans other than foreign worker insurance.

Workers Compensation Insurance

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If you want to ensure your workers for illnesses and injuries that arise out of a job, then you need a worker compensation insurance as an employment business protection as well. For example, you have to defend your liability for an injured worker or worker suffering from work-related diseases.

The objective of this insurance is to cover workers from work-related injuries.

Group Personal Accident Insurance

In simple words, workers compensation insurance provides wage replacement and medical benefits to employees. However, this group personal accident insurance provides compensation in the event of injuries or death caused by an unforeseen and sudden accident. For example, this insurance can cover payment to your employees in the event of death caused solely by the unexpected event.

Third-Party Car Insurance Malaysia

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You know that car insurance is essential to cover your expense in any injuries or vehicle damage, then, what is third party car insurance Malaysia?

If you have an accident while driving the car, then this car insurance covers you for damage to another person’s car. It also covers your passengers if you damage someone else’s property while you are driving your vehicle.

Fire Insurance Malaysia

There is property insurance that covers your losses and damage to your property caused by fire called fire insurance. This insurance is essential because it covers the replacement cost, repair cost, and reconstruction cost.

Moreover, fire insurance Malaysia also will protect you by covering any losses and damage due to fire such as the cost of the property damage, medical expenses to employees who injured from the fire accident and compensation for death.

Burglary Insurance

Are you afraid of the criminal offence of breaking your building illegally by someone? There is an insurance called burglary insurance to cover loss or damage after a burglary attempt. Usually, the insurance company will offer other property insurance along with this insurance for you.

Theft Insurance

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Similar to burglary insurance, this theft insurance against loss or damage caused by the unlawful taking of property. Check out Allianz General Insurance to find out more.

Group Hospital And Surgical Insurance

You can get a group hospital and surgical insurance if you want to protect your employees by covering the medical treatment cost due to accident or sickness if they are admitted to a hospital.

Performance Bond Malaysia

If you want to protect yourself against possible losses in a case, a contractor fails to perform the project as per established and the contract provision; then you need the performance bond Malaysia.