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Are you shopping for a medical copywriting agency? These professionals help businesses that market medical devices, biotechnology products, pharmaceutical products, health plan or hospital, and other medical products and services. You need a creative agency in healthcare advertising to help you make your communication and branding highly effective. Here are 6 steps to help you make an educated decision.


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Go online and search for ‘medical writing agency’ ‘medical advertising’ or ‘healthcare advertising agency’ among the other related keywords. Visit the website of agencies that are appearing on both organic and sponsored search rankings. Visit several sites and take your time on each of them. Look at the content, ease of navigation, and design of each site. The agency can help you in designing the website and this can’t be possible if their own websites are lacking.

Consider the Core Capabilities

What is your unique needs web programming, creative branding? Tactical and strategic planning? Print promotions and broadcast development? Social media management? Proofreading, editing, and copywriting? You also need to think about your long term and short term needs. Look for a medical writer company, whose capability is essential to your communication plans. Be keen with the agencies that claim to offer full services. Some of them may not have the technical copywriting skills, print production capabilities and digital programming capabilities that you need. Check out Mediconnexion Consulting today to find out more.

Review Case Studies

Analyze the case studies that the copywriting service features on its website. Check whether they display a clear solution, challenge or outcome. They should appear to be both creative and strategic. The case studies should be an exact match to your marketing challenges. Address the diversity of the challenges that the medical writing agency addresses, how creative are their solutions and the results from their efforts. Call us today for a quick discussion about your ideas.

Schedule a Presentation

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After finding several agencies make sure you schedule a presentation with each of them. Emphasize that you would like to see the best work of the agency in the market. However, devote half of the entire presentation to your medical speciality. Closely look at the shared case studies, the presentation, content, and other selling points. Also, look at the presentation style of the copywriting service. These professionals should appear to be confident, organized and relaxed.

Request References

Once you narrow down your candidate’s list, contact each expert writing agency that attended the presentation and thank them for their time. Request for three referees from both past and current referees. Contact each of them to understand the quality of the work of the agency. Get to know the weaknesses and strength of all these agencies.

Propose a Trial Project

After vetting the credentials of the creative agency, give a trial project to each of them. Spell the parameters equally and clearly for all these agencies. You can offer a modest fee for their effort if it is within your budget.

It would be good to see preliminary projects for new advertisement campaigns. Invite all the agencies to present their work in person. Closely evaluate the quality of the work and presentation. Once you choose one medical write in Kuala Lumpur agency, be keen to thank the others. Schedule a meeting with your new partner soonest possible to get the work started.