Theoretically, you are suggested to frequently have the romantic dating at the restaurant for fine dining in Kuala Lumpur for any special occasion. You too must have quite numerous “Netflix and chill moments” and spend some quality time with your partner.

Technically speaking, a romantic date does not always need to be sumptuous and plush like a rooftop bar and extravagant restaurant. Indeed, having proper planning for a romantic date is a great way to break your daily routine and arouse your romance back.

How about planning something similarly at home? Who said your home couldn’t be as a place to have fun as like you were in enjoying in the cocktail bar near KLCC?

Occasionally, your home too could be the excellent hub for both of you to have a romantic tie together. But all it is necessary to be a little creative followed with some apt preparation.

Here are some unique ideas for you in the hope of creating the surprise romantic dinner at home and spend a romantic time together throughout the night.

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1. Candlelight Dinner

This could be the most conventional dating option that you will ever have with some romantic dining in KL accompanied by the candlelight.

You can do it with the old-school classic date by preparing some food, soft music, and enjoy some wine. You also could try an alfresco or outdoor dinner in your backyard that could make an excellent spot as the best candlelight dinner in KL.

Wear your best dress, cook her favourite menu, and include various categories of mouth-watering desserts and not forget some fine wine.

Moreover, the surprise romantic candlelight dinner also can be followed with some slow dancing along the way, if both of you appreciate it.

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2. Movie Night Date

You don’t have to splurge your money for the movie and popcorns as you could enjoy it at home while experiencing the KL nightlife as a couple at home.

You could give up some personal touch by cooking her special favourite menu and experiencing it together while watching the romantic movie. In addition, you could improve the vibe by uncorking a bottle of wine to make the moment more momentous.

Select the movie that you both love or the one that you both watch for the first time as a couple. This is one of the standards and most comfortable ways to spend time together at home, with minimal fuss and preparations.

3. Cook Together

That goes without saying, cooking can be an enjoyable activity for the couple to present some of the kinships and express their love. Try making some desserts or a new recipe together instead of spoiling yourself on lavish dining at the expensive restaurant.

Also, it will be so much fun, from chopping, frying, and cooking together along with some small talk. If the dish is come out great, this definitely will make the night more special and memorable than usual.

If not, you can always have the catered food or call for pizza delivery as the last option. Here, the process could be more enjoyable than the actual product!

So, there is no necessary to dine in the Italian dinner in KLCC when you can do just as much at home while appreciating the moment together, right?

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4. Sit Back and Relax

Another luminous idea is that you could do is having a soothing bubble bath or giving one another a soft massage and little spa time.

Thus, you need a lot of scented oils for that. You too could make it more exhilarating by having some rose petals and scented candles.

This will clear your date more romantic as well as an intense one. Likewise, you also could go for some swim together under the dim moonlight and a cool night breeze.