Finding a job tends to get easier nowadays with the presence of the internet. As education is becoming more important now, the number of children entering the workforce is reducing year by year. This also means that the marketplace is changing, and the composition of employees is shifting. Because of education, the competition for a job in the marketplace has increased too.

There are many types of jobs now all thanks to the internet. Things are different now and a job does not necessarily have to be permanent which is a huge contrast compared to the olden days. It is also easier for people to switch jobs for the purpose of wanting to have different work experience or a higher salary.

This is all thanks to the advancement of technology and the internet. Back then, the only way for people to find jobs is through screening the newspapers or even walking door to door asking for vacancies. Well, it is definitely easier now with the availability of a job website that displays many different types of jobs in different fields offering different salaries.

Choices of jobs for people now are not limited, providing more room and freedom for personal growth compared to the dinosaur years. It is an opportunity and sign of economic growth for the country. There are a few job portal that can make finding a job easier for you.

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Types of job portal in Malaysia


WOBB is a fun and young company that focuses on Gen Y and Gen Z as they believe that the market needs more opportunities for the youths. This company has managed to bridge the gap between youths and companies. Over here, students will be able to easily find an internship job. In fact, the company itself is constantly looking for interns to work in their fun team as well.

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2. Glassdoor

This company scales much bigger when compared to WOBB. This job platform in Malaysia provides various opportunities to all generations and is mostly in collaboration with other big and notable corporates like Samsung, Google and others. Here, you will be able to find a freelance job offered by companies on a project basis. Also, there are more opportunities from bigger companies offered on this platform too.

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3. WhatsApp groups

You will be wondering how WhatsApp can be a job portal. Well, in fact, there are many WhatsApp groups that are meant for people to seek for part-timers and search for a part-time job. These groups are usually filled with students who are looking for side income from jobs that have low commitment.

This way, it would also be easier for them to balance between earning money and education. Students who have skills can opt for freelance jobs in Kuala Lumpur such as designing that would be posted on the group as well.

Thus, there are indeed many ways a person can seek a job. Knowing the right job for you is also important as it can help you in planning out your time and setting a realistic expectation for the income you are about to receive. Time spent on each job would be different too.

Despite all this, it is important to know your rights as an employee and the amount of pay you should be receiving. When working as part-time or freelancer, remember to check on your employer’s history before agreeing to work with them.