Where to play football in Singapore, also known as futsal

The love for soccer is real worldwide and fans regardless of race would gather to watch any soccer match together. As Singapore is a multiracial country, soccer is a game that unites all races. This game is mostly played by males as it can get quite rough and may require some soccer techniques.

Across Asia, soccer is also known as futsal. It is a simple sport that is loved by everyone and does not require many skills. The sport is also easy to learn. As long as you practice, you will be able to master it.

 futsal court singapore

How futsal works

Well, soccer or futsal is a simplified game of football. It consists of smaller teams of five players each and is usually played indoors on pitches. The floors of pitches are typically made of concrete to avoid slip and have a comfortable play. One advantage of this is that players do not have to worry about the weather. The game can still go on even during rainy days.

With the number of players on each team, a proper futsal court in Singapore will be slightly smaller than a soccer field. However, be flexible. It can be used interchangeably. It is that simple. To start the game, booking of a pitch to play is needed. This can be easily done online through various websites and makes it more convenient and easier.

Also, online websites provide an abundant amount of information regarding the pitches, time slots, exact location, terms and conditions, and others. Now, it is all about choosing where to play football.

1. Kovan

Kovan is a humble neighbourhood located in the North-East Region of Singapore. Kovan Sports is located 5-minutes away from the MRT station, making it highly accessible. If you are living nearby, you can easily make a booking by visiting the website and first check out the ongoing promotions as it will change time to time.

If you are lucky, you can get the best deals. To proceed to make a booking for the Kovan futsal pitch, an online account needs to be created.

 yishun futsal

2. Yishun

Yishun, also known as Nee Soon is also located on the North-East Region of Singapore. Here, Arena Futsal Yishun is a popular pitch for playing Yishun futsal. The processes are similar, where you can easily book online. The page is also user-friendly as it has a sleek looking interface showing you the ‘booking’ tab once you enter. Thus, simply press the button and submit your booking. It is as easy as that.

3. Jurong

On the other side, Jurong is located in the South-West region of Singapore. The famous Jurong futsal court is Golazo Futsal. The website features a simple design. However, the booking needs to be made through phone call and the contact details can be found by clicking the ‘contact us’ option on the page. This can make it a little troublesome and slow and may cause a lower booking rate.

 khalsa futsal

4. Khalsa Futsal

Khalsa is a futsal association instead of a residential area. The club started with a bunch of friends who shared the same passion for playing futsal but had no proper facilities to play with back then. The lack of facilities has caused them to establish the now known Singapore Khalsa Association. Today, futsal enthusiast can rent the Khalsa futsal court via their website.