Nowadays, the traditional Chinese wedding seems to be gradually faded over time, or to be accurate, adapt to the modern lifestyle.

Even there is still part of Chinese in Malaysia that still practised those traditional, but many traditions try to stay relevant in order to adapt to the advent of the contemporary style of weddings.

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From the pure tradition made Chinese wedding dress to the fancy coat wear wedding dress, you could see that is a major change in fashion.

Nevertheless, these old traditions still regarded as highly respected and valued that is the vital part of the Chinese wedding.

The Chinese Betrothal Ceremony

Besides, there are hundreds of traditional elements that had been influenced by western culture.

Nevertheless, there are still many Chinese recognise and practised the tradition at the Chinese wedding ceremony, especially the older generation.

The Chinese Betrothal ceremony, or known as Guo Da Li in Malaysia, is a formal meeting between both families and symbolises the groom sincerity in making the effort to marry the bride into his family.

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In other words, the Chinese betrothal ceremony signifies the formal state of engagement.

According to the Chinese cultures, Guo Da Li is an important ceremony which the groom is officially conveyed his intention to marry the bride’s family by sending the gifts.

It is a gesture to express the groom’s sincerity and determination in wanting to marry the bride.

Conversely, the bride’s family too will return the favour with the gifts as a part of goodwill.

As the bride’s family received the betrothal gifts form the groom’s family, it indicated that the bride’s family pledges their daughter to the groom.

Even though the formalities are performed by the groom side, it is an acknowledgement of the groom towards the bride’s parent in raising their daughter.

It is a symbol of the assurance giving to the bride’s family that their daughter will be taken care of by the groom after the marriage.

The Basics Attire of Traditional Chinese Wedding Ceremony

The Bride

The wedding dress for the bride might be varied from the region or by the choice of the family itself.

Typically, the Chinese weddings dress that wears by the bride is usually in the red colour that represents the most auspicious colour in the Chinese cultures.

Nowadays, there a lot of Qun Kwa Rental in Malaysia makes the effort in promoting a wide array of Chinese wedding dress that come in different fashion, style and colours.

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In the most elaborate of affairs, the bride will wear a tiara like accessories that made of gilded silver and embedded with the feathers and pearl that can get it from the bridal shop in KL.

Traditionally, the accessories too will be featured with a red silk cloth to veil the bride’s face as the bride is going to make the transition to her soon-to-be husband home.

The Groom

For the groom, the wedding attire is not as complicated as the bride’s attire.

In a contemporary style, the groom usually wearing a black silk coat over the dark blue robe that embroidered with a dragon on it.

Sometimes, it also followed with the special made traditional cap that attached with a red tassel from the bridal shop.

Nevertheless, many of the modern Chinese tend to skip the coat and just wear a dark blue robe for the wedding.