Need lightning speed internet at the cheapest price possible? If you are lucky enough, you should be able to get the 1 Gbps internet speed by Time Internet. This lightning fast connection is offered in selected areas in Malaysia. Want to know more about the Times internet package and Time coverage? Check this out.

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Time Internet Package for Home Connection

There is no doubt that time dot com offers the most affordable home broadband connection in Malaysia. But they are not only the cheapest. They are also the fastest.

The home broadband time internet package starts 100 Mbps at RM 99 per month with a 24-month contract. This speed allows you to download HD videos with little buffer time. If you want a faster package, you can avail their 500 Mbps plan for only RM 139 per month. This speed is perfect for individuals who work from home. If you got speed envy, or if you are doing 10 downloads per hour, then you probably would want to have the 1Gbps plan for only RM199 per month. This pricing is insanely affordable for the internet speed that you get. If you want to save without jeopardizing the quality of your connection, then the Times internet package is the solution.

What Makes the Time Connection Faster Compared to other Internet Providers?

Unlike their competitors, Time offers fibre home broadband connection. Time fibre connection makes a huge difference in speed compared to the copper connection offered by their competitors. For higher network speeds, Time Internet Packages are designed to operate through a 100% fibre connection.

Some providers may mix in copper and fibre in their home broadband connection but for Time, they only offer 100% fibre from end to end. This makes the Time fibre home broadband connection more reliable and much more stable compared to other home connections. Check out Time website to understand more.

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Time Wifi Add-ons

Unlike other service providers, Time does not offer unnecessary add-ons. The Time wifi has a decent range and is pretty stable but if you don’t want to have any dead spots in your home, you can always get the Time WiFi booster. The wifi booster allows you to extend your WiFi coverage to up to 3,000 square feet. If you have a big home, you can add a few wifi boosters to make sure that every area will have a wifi connection.

Time Coverage

Though the time internet broadband packages are amazing, it is unfortunate that not all Malaysians can avail these packages. There are only specific areas where you can get the Time internet connection. Though the company is continuously expanding, the Time coverage right now is not that comprehensive. To check if you are covered, go to Time dot com. They have a section there where you can check if Time is available in your area. Click here to know more.

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If time is not available, you can always contact their support team to request to have a facility built near you for their upcoming expansions. These requests will be taken into consideration when prioritizing their expansion routes.

Before, finding a fast internet connection for cheap is unheard of. With Time fibre home broadband connection that gives 1Gbps for only RM199 is a blessing. Find out more about the time internet package and their boosters by visiting their website now. Don’t get speed envy, you can switch now!