Booking a luxury hotel in Shah Alam would be the easy task these days compared to the past, where you could make a reservation via your smartphone in a few minutes.

However, finding and choosing the right hotel prior to the booking would be the hardest.

This is because it could take several hours and even a day it comes out with the final choice.

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Even when you have found what you think may look like perfect hotel Glenmarie in Shah Alam, how do you that this would be the right fit for your needs?

Alas, here are some of the consideration that you should bear in mind before proceeding to book, with a minimum fuss.

1. Ask the Right Questions

You can’t apply the concept of “ignorant is a bliss” here.

You need to find the answer to these questions to prevent any dissatisfaction afterwards.

Some are looking for event space with an amazing view, while some prefer the fine dining in the hotel.

In other words, everyone has their own needs and special requirement in achieving personal satisfaction.

Based on the answer form these questions, it helps you to gauge whether this hotel would be the ideal choices, vice versa.

  • What is the finest luxury item in the hotel?
  • Which is the best room in the hotel?
  • What makes this hotel special and different from the others?

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2. Know What You Really Want

Are you someone who enjoys the combination of business and pleasure like in Hotel Glenmarie?

Are you simply after a great vacation with a stunning wedding hall in Petaling Jaya?

Or are you only staying on a business trip only?

Whatever your reason is, the hotel needs to be able to meet those specific requirements.

Otherwise, you might consider a better chance with a different hotel.

Before you book the hotel, check whether both your “needs” and “pleasure” are met.

You may check the hotel amenities such as the wedding venue, indoor pools, in-room refrigerator and other services.

For your information, consider the amenities like gym, spa as well as laundry service too.

If you are travelling alone or for business purpose, the look for the features like high-speed internet access, convenient shuttles or halls for business.

3. Select the Hotel Based on Its Location

It is a similar concept of buying a house where it is important to choose and supervise the location beforehand.

Similarly, the hotel location is crucial despite whatever reason for your stay is.

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For example, if you book the hotel that comes with a venue for the garden wedding, then you will be expecting it to come with vast space and captivating design.

Thus, the location of the hotel plays a decisive role when it comes to selecting the best stay.

Besides, be alert of these considerations too.

  • How far are the tourist sites form the hotel?
  • If there any shopping malls located in the vicinity?
  • How far is the airport or the convenience of public transport?

5. Be Careful with the Prices

Avoid being sway with the idea that the higher the price of the hotel, the more luxurious and better the services are.

As a matter of fact, it is not always the case.

Moreover, some budgeted prices sometimes could add-on with some nasty additional cost attached that you might not be expecting at all.

You may ensure the price is right by checking at least three hotels located in the same area.

You could find ones with little price variation.

You may find the are numerous hotels or resorts claiming a cut-throat price for the services, while some may offering a standardised service at a reasonable price.