In the printing industry today, there are many things that can be printed and customized to your own liking. These include materials like stickers, shirts, brochures, banners, fridge magnets and many more. Today, cards are also customizable and easily printed upon request at card printing Malaysia shops.

Depending on the type of card you are looking for, some cards can be printed at general printing shops while others can only be printed at specialized card printing shops. Along with cards, they will sell card reader Malaysia too.

Different cards serve different purposes. Some are for business and some are for personal use. Cards that are for personal use normally come in the form of hard paper, like business cards or invitation cards.

Other cards that are for business purposes usually come in the form of plastic or PVC material. Depending on your budget and purpose, selecting the appropriate material for your card is important.

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1. Malaysia ID Card

Every country has its own way of identifying its citizens. Some countries use ID cards while other countries are using certificates and others as a form of citizenship. With the availability of ID card printer Malaysia, the government uses ID cards to identify Malaysians. Check out Vericardsys for more information.

Each ID card has its own number that is special to everyone and it is an important card for many reasons. The Malaysia ID Card has details like your name, photo, birth date, permanent address and a readable chip for fast verification at the custom.

There is another interesting feature where the ID card has a prepaid system that can be used at road tolls and public transport. It is known as the Touch n Go feature in Malaysia. This type of card is common among Malaysians and it is important for every Malaysian to have one.

2. Member card

A member card Malaysia is a type of card given to and held by a member of a club, society, or other organisations. It can also be known as a loyalty card Malaysia as it serves the same purpose. The purpose of the card is for easy verification of existing members. This card normally has an expiry date where after a period, the member needs to renew the card to remain a member. Click here to find out more.

If there is a failure to renew, they will no longer be considered members. This card is strongly associated with the loyalty program Malaysia where a member card offers a feeling of exclusivity and promotes loyalty among members. Member cards are typically used in clubs or shopping stores.

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Benefits of member card

Membership card app in Malaysia often offer discounts and other benefits which is an important part of marketing programs which build customer loyalty. It provides added value for customers. For example, depending on how it works for that store, customers can collect loyalty points and later on redeem the points for other products.

Next is the increase in revenue for the company. With the membership cards issued to customers, it would encourage higher spending and more revenue. Thus, if you own a business, be sure to find a membership card supplier Malaysia as it will help your business tremendously.

3. Prepaid card

Prepaid cards act like top-up cards where you reload a certain amount into the card for future use. Often, these cards do not have expiry dates so do not worry about your credits expiring. An example of Malaysia prepaid card is the Touch n Go card.

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4. Gift Card

Like the concept of prepaid cards, gift cards are also on a ‘pay now use later’ basis. The only difference is that these gift card Malaysia is given as a gift to friends and family to shop at a store using the credits available inside. For example, Uniqlo has a gift card of RM30. This can be the perfect gift if you have no idea what item to get as a gift.

Plastic vs PVC cards

Cards are mostly made from two materials, plastic and PVC. In short, plastic cards are of stronger material than PVC in terms of heat tolerance. Cards like a gift card and membership card typically use PVC and can be easily found at PVC card printing Malaysia companies. Other cards like the Malaysian ID card and the prepaid card which requires integration of technology will use plastic card Malaysia to avoid breaking, melting or cracking.