Penang, which known of its nickname – The Pearl of the Orient, is a must visit place in Malaysia especially Batu Ferringhi.

With the numerous of the attractive hotel in Penang Island Malaysia, there is no better place other than this stunning strip of earth.

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Also, Batu Ferringhi has the best activities that make the visitors come for its best Penang resort.

It is go-to beaches for everyone as it caters to all travellers, from laid back to sporty.

This stretch of a beach hosts postcards views everywhere you turn, a great backdrop from resort hotel to all activities on offer.

Form horseback riding, beach walks, basking in the sun with a cocktail in your hand, soaking your feet in the salty water, this place has it all.

This is the three things you have to consider when planning your trip to Penang Hotel, and why Batu Ferringhi is the place you must be.

1. Unbeatable Location

When planning the trip for Batu Ferringhi Pulau Penang hotel booking, location is always the main prior upon any decision.

Batu Ferringhi has everything that you want and needs location-wise.

On the proximity of 12KM within the hotel, you can access the various famous tourist spots and local food in George Town Area.

You even could get full access to the historical landmarks and also to the city of Penang.

In the area of Batu Ferringhi, you could discover the one-kilometre-long local night bazaar where you could get all those little souvenirs or clothes you desire.

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What makes it even great here is the people here are super-friendly.

This is why it has everything you need for a great memorable holiday although within arm’s reaching of this idyllic spot.

2. Best Beaches

Just by searching the keyword hotel di Batu Ferringhi Pulau Pinang, you could found a thousand and one hotels that offer the best deal for you.

What makes the better part is that most of the hotels are in the vicinity of the beautiful beaches.

Again, the beautiful beaches are what draw most visitors to Batu Ferringhi.

The sea along with the soft sand draws the line to create an amazing Seaview beach resort in Penang, which creates a stretch of paradise.

Moreover, there are loads of water sports and fun beach to take part in up and down from the stretch, like jet-skiing, kayaking or banana boating.

Also, you could take a blanket and soak up the sun and scenery right on the shore.

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3. Fantastic Food

For your information, Penang is crowned as a food capital or food heaven.

This is apparent along the resort, where you could seek of mouth-watering cuisine offerings, especially at Batu Ferringhi.

From informal food court to some fancy café, you name it.

You definitely will be spoilt with choices of place to dine form exciting and delicious local dishes at the hotel in Ferringhi beach Penang to fine-dining experiences at Ferringhi Garden.

Batu Ferringhi has varieties of seafood as its strategic location provides the best pieces if fresh seafood to satisfy your taste bud.

Let’s get a taste of hotel and resort in Penang that offers the best seafood that often becomes the main attraction namely Beach Corner Seafood, Golden River Seafood and Fishing Village seafood restaurant.

Asides from the fresh seafood, there is a Lebanon restaurant that offers a place with a good quality of Arabic cuisine.

The quality if tender meat along with the fantastic ambience will be the reason that definitely will make you come back to taste it again.