Plastic surgery used to be the only ‘known’ way of improving the looks of a person and can cost a lot given the risks it carries too.

Each plastic surgery can cost up to ten thousand and above. Although there are successful transformations, there are many failed ones too.

Evolution of facial aesthetics

Today, plastic surgery would be the last option for a person looking to improve their looks.

With the improvement of science and technology, there are many treatments offered in the beauty industry now.

Whether or not you are looking for nose filler treatment, double eyelids, thicker lips, all of these no longer require plastic surgery and can be achieved with medical aesthetics.

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Medical aesthetic in a nutshell

Medical aesthetic services involve high-technology care that represents the cross of healthcare and beauty services.

It uses advanced technologies to implement a medically based procedure to enhance facial appearance.

Some treatments are painless, fast, and effective to carry out.

Besides, with the advanced technology nowadays, you may just need to take the supplement instead of having to do the surgery for aesthetic purpose. Such as Crystal Tomato Plus, which is one of the examples for skin whitening product that you can consume to create the benefit of skin whitening, instead of having to went for the operation.

This causes an increased demand for facial aesthetics over the years, more significantly in the past decade.

There are a few famous aesthetic clinics in Kuala Lumpur that provide effective treatments to satisfy customer needs.

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Laser treatment

Have you ever wanted to remove scars, dead skin, have a brighter face complexion or get your unwanted hairs permanently removed?

All this can be achieved with the laser treatment. There are many types of skin laser treatment for different purposes. Despite being different, all of them share similar technology.

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Laser for face treatment

One of them is laser resurfacing, which is a laser facial treatment to reduce facial wrinkles and skin irregularities.

It involves short, concentrated pulsating beams of light at irregular skin, precisely removing skin layer by layer.

This method is also known as laser peel.

It also serves as laser treatment for acne scars where it removes the layers of skin with scars and new skin is regenerated.

However, do note that this treatment is only suitable for those with acne scars and not active acne.

If you are still dealing with acne problems, it is best to consult a certified aesthetician and get them to prescribe pills that can help stop your acne.

Only after your acne is no longer active, you can go for the treatment to deal with leftover scars.

Laser for hair treatment

Another popular treatment is hair removal.

There are many beauty centres that specialized laser hair removal in KL and nothing else.

This can be done on almost all body parts such as underarm and upper lip where there is unwanted hair.

It is not a surprise that most girls will go for this treatment.

Because of its high demand, prices are cheaper and highly competitive.

There are two types of laser hair removal treatments. One is the Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and normal laser.

Both are permanent hair removal treatments with slight differences.

The IPL uses a source of broad-spectrum, visible light that is specially controlled to target specific areas.

It targets the melanin pigment in the hairs or the haemoglobin in the blood.

Normal laser removal, on the other hand, uses the ability to heat hairs and damage hair follicles by blasting them with light energy.

If you are keen, you can get your permanent hair removal in KL done at beauty centres like Musee Platinum.

For other facial treatments, remember to always look for reputable clinics that are the best aesthetic clinic.