In Malaysia, the tourism industry is growing rapidly nowadays. One of the reason is that it is a truly Asia country that fulfilled all the characteristic for being an Asia country.

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One of the uniqueness is the food paradise. Malaysia is a multiracial country that consists of majority Malay, Chinese and Indian. This has made it earned the reward for being the food paradise country such as nasi lemak, rendang chicken, chicken rice, roti canai and many more delicious foods available.

In past during the ancient time, Malaysia has been conquered by different countries such as British, Japan and more. When they leave, they leave behind the cultural building which becomes one of popular tourist spot that makes it so popular.

Besides, the metropolis known as Kuala Lumpur is the famous city for shopping. Tourists often say that it is the best shopping paradise that everyone should pay a visit. You can get the authentic branded goods at a lower price than in the country.

As there are so many attractive places here, it is difficult to travel around even with public transport. Hence, the car rental business is growing rapidly as everyone is looking for a free and easy journey where car rental can fulfil them.

However, you should be careful about selecting the right Malaysia car rental agency. This article will give you an idea of what are the factors you should consider in finding a reliable car rental agency.

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Agency rates

First for sure is the agency rates. As there are many agencies that providing you with the services car leasing in Malaysia. There is always the best price that you can get among all the alternatives. It is often a wise choice to compare the prices on the Internet.

Asides from car rental, if you don’t feel like driving yourself, you can opt for chauffeur services in Kuala Lumpur where there is a driver responsible in fetching you to the destination you wanted to go. However, of course, the price will be much higher.

Pick up points

The different agency has a different pickup location or passing the car keys. You should read carefully on the description mentioned in the car rental agency’s website. It is often advisable to look out for car rental in KLIA.

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This is because car rental in KLIA 1 or car rental in KLIA 2 allows you to pick up the car as soon as you landed in the airport, which saves your time and cost from having to go over the destination set for picking up.

Reputation and reviews of the car rental agency

The reputation of the agency is another aspect that you shouldn’t overlook. As the car rental in Malaysia is growing, there is a lot of agency that is providing such rental service without a license which is illegal.

Hence, you should look at the reputation and reviews in their website or social profile to see whether they have a good reputation and legally licensed company to provide the car rental services otherwise you might risk your life in their hand!