These days, most of the people are getting occupied with their own personal and professional commitment. That is how the people hardly have enough time for their own partner!

Due to the lack of time, romance could go right out of the window in no time. That’s why, to prolong the bliss and to keep the romance alive, couples should make each other feel special and being cared for.

One of the ways to do so is arranging a romantic dinner for your partner as any other top western restaurant in KL.

candle light dinner in kl

Candlelight is the most beautiful and romantic date for any loving couple. But you don’t always need to go out to any crowded the steakhouse KL in hopes of a romantic dinner.

Nothing is as intimate as a candlelight dinner at home. Even your home surprisingly could become the best place to have a candlelight dinner date.

You can simply just celebrate those blissful moments with your loved ones in the quaint solitude of your home itself.

Step 1: Plan a Menu

If you are planning to have a romantic dinner at home, then inauguration of the menu should be your main priority.

Go with the type of cuisine that you and your companion would enjoy the most. Once you have chosen the cuisine, do some research about the recipes and do some practice in making those dishes beforehand.

You could have some western cuisine such as enjoying the best wagyu beef in Malaysia or some Italian dish like spaghetti that accompanied by a bottle of red wine. The most importantly, both of you should enjoy and be comfortable with each other when having dinner!

western restaurant in malaysia

Step 2: Provide appropriate drinks

Speaking of drink, a bottle of classic red wine or champagne will do for the romantic dinner!

Wine usually is the most romantic choice. So, if you and yours are wine drinkers, be prepared with a bottle of red wine or white wine, depending on what you having for dinner.

Red wine tends to go well with steak and other meats. While white wine is better on a summer evening and goes well with lighter foods like salads or shrimps.

If your loved one has a favourite cocktail, you don’t want to miss the chance to add some bonus point for you as well. Make one for him or her!

romantic dinner kuala lumpur

Sep 3: Choose Your Romantic Decoration

From flowers, rose petals and candle will do the trick in creating the best place to have candlelight dinner. You have a lot of options and you just need is to be creative.

Remember that candles are a part and parcel for romantic dining in KL. So, light up several candles and place them on or near the table.

Just to keep in mind, make sure both of you could bale to look each other over the table.

Avoid getting too many scented candles as well, because it can become overwhelming with its strong scent.

Step 4: Avoid all Distractions

Make a plan to avoid all distraction so that your date can be free for both of you to enjoy the delicious meal.

Turn off your phones, the television and radio, just focus only on each other. Make this memorable dinner available just for the two of you only.

Once all the distraction are put away, both of you could enjoy the romantic dinner to the fullest!