The definition of Penetration Testing

The penetration test service provider or known as pen testing service provider involves the process of discovering the vulnerable network equipment or applications by evaluating their response to the specially designed request.

For short, pen test is a simulation of a possible cyber-attack against an IT system performed by the professional hacker from Pen Test Company in Malaysia.

penetration testing service

The professional hacker with no malicious intent form the Pentester company will run a simulation test like source code review or mobile app penetration testing to measure the strength of your system.

The main purpose of the test is to finds any exploitable vulnerabilities before anybody else could do.

So, your security posture assessment system can be patched and addressed accordingly.

The pen test should end with the presentation of a formal document that explains and detailing all the findings.

The document should contain at least two main sections.

Firstly, the executive summary where the tester from a penetration testing firm in Malaysia explain the process and findings in a high-level manner

Secondly, the tester will explain the process and findings based on swift security assessment service in a high-level manner.

In addition, the technical summary where the more in-depth details also can be explained for a better understanding.

Pen testing like CREST Pen Test could be an expensive undertaking that it is done infrequently and on selected or highly exposed portions of a network.


Type of Penetration Testing

Web Application Penetration test

As the name suggests, the web application penetration test is focusing on all of the web applications.

It might have some overlap with the network services.

But, the web application test is much more detailed, intense and time consuming compared to network services.

Businesses often use more web applications than ever.

And many of them are complex and publicly available.

As a result, most of the external attack surface is composed of web applications.

Despite their length and cost, web application tests are important to a business.

This is because web application issues may include SQL injection, cross-site scripting, weak cryptography and insecure authentication.

 mobile app penetration testing

Wireless Network Penetration Test

The wireless network penetration test is conducted to look for vulnerabilities on the wireless network.

The wireless pen test identifies and exploits the weak authentication and insecure wireless network configurations.

The weak configurations and vulnerable protocols may allow the users to gain access to a wired network from outside the building.

Next, many businesses are using a more mobile device than ever yet still struggle to secure them.

The wireless pen test will try to exploit corporate employees that use their devices on insecure or open guest networks.

How Often Should You Do Pen Test?

A pen test is not a one-time task.

Network and computer system are dynamic as they do not stay the same for a long time.

As time goes on, new software is deployed and changes are made.

Thus, your systems need to be tested or retested over time.

How often the company should engage in a Pen Test is dependent on these factors:

1. Company size

Obviously, the bigger the companies is the greater the online presence might have the urge to test their system.

Since they would have more possibility of being attack vectors and might be juicier targets for the threat actors.

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2. The budget

Pentest could be costly and expensive, so an organization with a smaller budget might be less able to conduct them.

Limited funds might restrict the pen testing to once every two years.

3. Regulation and laws compliance

It is depending on the industry.

There are several laws and regulations might require the organization to perform certain security task.

And that also is including pen testing!